It's OK not to have your shit together

"Being married is not the answer to my existential craving to feel."

"Fashion, for me, is a bit of like a shaved pussy. It's very beautiful, it looks nice but it's also very predictable."

"Don't be so scared of being sad." 


Ajatuksia elämästä, tyylistä ja itsensä löytämisestä.

On niin lohdullista kuulla, että on OK epäonnistua. On OK etsiskellä sitä omaa juttua. On OK olla täysin pihalla. Koska you just fucking figure it out!!


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"So, you[r] entire attitude was like, 'Oh well, this experiment failed, let's do something better.' To screw up and not care and move on was a novel concept for me. And I've carried it with me ever since. There's a lot of power in being able to say, 'Who cares? Let's try something else.' If it doesn't work out, fuck it, you know? Find the next path and keep running."

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